MGL V6 in a Whisper

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MGL V6 in a Whisper

Post by whisper » Sun Apr 07, 2019 2:54 pm

Brett Williams and I have spent days and weeks fine tuning the settings of the V6. We are now finally happy. It is a fine piece of equipment but highly user configurable and that is where it can be frustrating. Anyway, the settings below are in our opinion "spot on".
Hopefully this saves a few of you some time and heart ache!
Happy setting..

MGL V6 radio setup in a Whisper
Note: If canopy snap vents are open at all in flight then the intercom and TX will not work with the settings below. The noise that they generate (even when facing aft) is just too much for a voice activated intercom setup as below.
Main menu
Squelch +4
Pilot Mic level -9.0dB (Clarity aloft and MGL headsets passive [PNR] headsets)
Music Open OFF
Music Mute OFF
Primary Aux input OFF
Secondary Aux Input OFF
Mic Filter Bypass OFF
Scanning Power-up Off
Setup menu
Tx Mic VOX
Tx Lock Off
P-Scan On
PTT Separate
Flip-Flop FS
Mic Levels 1
Mic 1+3
Aux P & S
Aout IC & RX
Sidetone All
CHS 25kHz
Setting up other headsets
Change from VOGAD to VOX level “1” (so all sound gets through). On the ground, engine off. Speak as you would normally with the mic right in front of your mouth. Tune to an unused frequency and press PTT while continuing to speak. Set MIC level such that there is no change in volume when PTT is pressed.

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