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Re: Aerobatics with the Whisepr

Post by RudiCronje » Sat Sep 06, 2008 2:04 pm

Thank you Russel and Christian for the info. Seems to be quite a discussion point. I fully understand that any aeroplane should not be operated outside specified limits, and do not intend to do that. The reason for me asking is purely to spice up the flight with basic aerobatics. If the Whisper is capable of the basic stuff, then that is that.
It does seem that you guys have designed a very strong wing though! Is that 10,6G + and - . Cristian asked as well, how strong has the fuselage and tail section been made?
To get back to the other question, the Jab 85hp motor. I know the 120hp Jabiru has been fitted in several Whispers. Any 85's out there yet, and how do they perform? Is the extra R60000 for the Rotax worth it? I know Rotax is a very good engine, but anything wrong with Jabiru?
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Re: Aerobatics with the Whisepr

Post by whisper » Sat Sep 06, 2008 8:04 pm

We had to do most of the CS22 static tests on the rest of the airframe. Some of these were:
wing tip fore / aft loading
tailplane tip loading (handling loads)
fin loading
drop test
controls surface loading
elevator, aileron and rudder control loads
spoiler loading

When you visit you can go through the design file and loading schedule, flight test reports etc.

Warren Rosewall has an 85Hp jabi and operates out of his 400m farm strip ok - maybe chat to him via the forum for his opinion on it

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