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PASASA formation

Postby jonimike » Tue Jul 06, 2010 8:29 am

A call to all Whisper owners:

We had formed an organisation, PASASA- Power Assisted Soaring Assoc of SA, to represent Touring Motor Gliders as a separate and autonomous representative body in SA.

We have an opportunity to present our application for section status with Aeroclub of SA in the very near future.

This posting is an open invitation to all Whisper flyers to participate in this lobbying effort.

The initiative is in it's formative stages, the constitution is under review and various other docs is in drafting, website is under design etc.

A powerpoint presentation on the "how's, why's and what's " is available, and several questions had been answered already at a previous Aeroclub board meeting.

What I shall appreciate is a show of hands, figuratively speaking, of interested parties now, but to eventually count as supporters of the initiative.


This is the result of years of dispute with SSSA on several material aspects of TMG admin and operations.

The intention is to develop TMG as an autonomous flying discipline, in accordance with all applicable legislation to fit in seamlessly with LSA requirements, RAASA as the overseeing admin authority, EAA with their excellent AP scheme, FAI(Several competition models already developed and flown exactly as whisper owners did several times now at fly ins, with great success) and other representative bodies and organisations.

Please send a supportive undertaking by e-mail to mikevatgangleredotcom

Feel free to state your level of competence, your willingness to participate to what degree, and what you would like to see happening.


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Re: PASASA formation

Postby whisper » Tue Jul 06, 2010 6:14 pm

Hi Mike
As I indicated to you on the phone I am not personally in favour of any "club" being given the authority to issue permissions to fly (aircraft or pilot) because inevitably personalities get involved and favouritism is shown to pals and those in the "inner circle". Sadly if this were given to PASASA it would ultimately go this way too.
I prefer to deal directly with the government body (CAA) as they don't get involved at a personal level. If you meet the requirements you get your piece of paper...simple!

I do however welcome the idea of a body such as PASASA if their genuine aim is to foster interest in competitive motorglider flying (competitions) and generally promote the sport/hobby. I see no harm in having this function separate from SSSA...who after all by their own admission are not very fond of (nor have much knowledge or interest in) aircraft with engines!!

You have my support provided it is read in conjunction with the paragraph above.

Good luck with your initiative!

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Re: PASASA formation

Postby jonimike » Tue Jul 06, 2010 7:25 pm


As stated, we see no reason to re-invent the wheel at any stage, and we also view PASASA as the eventual nursery of standardized sport flying for all, and not a nepotistic sideshow. I shall not start a SSSA bashing session here, but we had tried unsuccessfully for years to get some progress, but simply ended up with enormous frustration.

We are completely supportive of RAASA to issue all licences, ATF cert's, ratings etc.

We are pursuing Aeroclub sectional status in order to compete in the Power Assisted soaring disciplines, under FAI auspices.

I am appealing to all Whisper owners to support us.

Thank you very much for the good wishes. May I request you to send me an e-mail indicating your support. You are most welcome to qualify your support to indicate your concerns and opinion as stated in the previous post. In fact, you had voiced with alarming accuracy, exactly our points of view.


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Re: PASASA formation

Postby jonimike » Tue Oct 19, 2010 11:25 am

Aeroclub AGM next week.

Once more an appeal for support from the Whisper crowd.

PM me for contact details and/or proxy to vote in support of PASASA section status.


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