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Post by whisper » Tue Feb 28, 2012 11:43 am

Please ensure that you comply with the undercarriage service bulletin (See link on this forum to SB's). It only affects a few of the very early gear legs that were bent with a tighter than optimal bend radius. If you continue to operate with those legs the chances of a leg failure are higher than normal. Other factors that worsen the situation are:
a)over weight aircraft
b)continually operating off a rough airfield (particularly taxiing over rough ground with the wings rocking)
c)the odd abnormally hard landing

Last weekend a whisper broke a leg. It was one of the early legs. The builder knew it was one of the problem legs but opted to take a chance. Fortunately it occurred during taxi so apart from prop tips no real damage occurred.

The service bulletin requires you to measure bend radius. An additional and probably easier check to do is to measure thickness of the leg in the area of the bend. Set a caliper to the thickness of the leg in an area away from the bend. Move the caliper to the bend. If there is a rattle between the caliper and the steel.....change the legs :!:

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