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Posted: Sun Aug 12, 2012 11:08 am
by Johan Nortje
I attended Yesterday a Raasa meeting and found out that you can now fly the Whipser with a LSA licence onder the new Motorgliger section. I have a problem each time when renewing my PPL licence, I cannot find an instructor with a Whisper rating. Then I have to hire a "blik aerrie" to do the renewal, at huge cost, to keep both licences current.
Now you can simply sent a copy of your PPL licence to Raasa and ask them to "tranfer" your Whisper rating to your LSA licence and jippie you only have to renew one licence. Not necesarry to apply for a new licence, prevailing you already have a LSA licence. If you do not have a licence for the new Whisper you want to buy, get a Whisper rating on your current LSA, simple.
A Motorglider can weight up to 850kg , MAUW, to fall under the LSA catogory, therefor all Whispers motorgliders will now fall under the LSA category. Russel what about the Whisper eXpress does it fall in the LSA category? :?:
I will never again fly blik aeries, two costy. Therefor I am going to my "tranfer" Whisper rating. :D :D :D
If you need more info, phone Willem at Raasa.