Sean's Whisper Kit 41 build cost

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Sean's Whisper Kit 41 build cost

Post by navajo » Thu Aug 09, 2007 9:43 am

How much does a Whisper cost?

Paid to Date:

Whisper AC - Deposit on Kit 13,000.00
Whisper AC - Payment on Balance of Kit 48,047.00
AVLEC - 50% Deposit on Build 74,500.00
Whisper AC - Wing Pair 55,062.00
Shadow Lite - 120HP Jab Motor & Airmaster Prop 180,715.04
Whisper AC - Fast Build Payment 42,921.00
Dart Aeronautocal - Instruments 26,743.26
Century Avionics - Nav/Coms 68,774.93

Paid to date: 509,763.23

Still to pay:
AVLEC - Final Build Payment 74,500.00
CAA Various Fees - ESTIMATE 4,500.00
Avionics final installation - ESTIMATE 5,000.00
Contingencies Upholstry etc. - ESTIMATE 20,000.00

:shock: Final Build Estimate:

Aircraft Equipment:
Fast Build Kit
Dynon 100 EFIS
Garmin GNC420 GPS
Garmin GTX 327 transponder
Jabiru 120 HP motor
Airmaster VP propeller

Estimated time to complete project 18 months

This is a pretty realistic view at how much a proper build will cost if built by a third party. I would have loved to have built my own plane, but I cannot even hit a nail into soft wood without buggering up the wood and the nail. However, even considering this cost, I think the aircraft is well worth this expense.

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