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Number eleven takes to the skies - Jamie Mundell

Posted: Wed Nov 07, 2007 10:31 am
by whisper
Jamie Mundell reported yesterday that his Whisper is flying well. Will post pictures soon

Re: Number eleven takes to the skies

Posted: Fri Jul 15, 2011 10:07 pm
by whisper
message received from Jamie follows verbatim below...... it is extremely gratifying to see people enjoying their Whispers to this extent......just the way we intended when starting out on the big whisper plan in 2002 :D :D

Jamie is a man of action as one can see!!! Now how about those promised pics Jamie.....guess you're too busy flying!!!!

"Thought, it a good idea to drop you a letter to tell you of the whisper’s latest endeavour. By no means to boast but to let you know that my whisper is constantly surprising me and never ceases to give me joy with every flight.

On the 12 June 2011 I returned from the Northern Cape / Free State after spending a few days marveling at the flood waters that hit that area – Bloemfontein, Kimberley à Smithfield.

On Sunday 12 June 2011 I took off from Jacobsdal , just after sunrise with the temperature @ 4 ºC followed the Riet river till it joined the Modder river till it runs into the Orange and on to Douglas to the confluence of the Orange and Vaal about another 20 nm down stream and then swing out toward Vosburg. This has been one of the best flights I have had with crisp clear weather with the sun behind me. There were a few weak thermals and no tail wind to help me . Vosburg to Fraserburg was done at low level at about 20 feet and 60 nm from FASL started a gradual climb to about 10000ft at Matroosberg (Hex river valley ) and from there cowls closed and on idle power to FAWC.

1. From Andrew Conroy (Jacobsdal ) to Vosburg via Douglas / Balure ± 170 nm time 2.7 hr average speed 63 knots fuel used 23 liters

2. From Vosburg to FAWC ± 255 nm time 4.5 hours average speed 58 knots fuel used 39 liters ( 8,66 l/hr)

Trip summary 7.2 hr, 62 liters = 8, 7 l/hr

Average 63 knots

The record for GZZ was from FAWC to Jacobsdal on 29 December 2010 on this flight the 385 nm was done using 31 liters fuel with an average speed of 78 knots. There was one beautiful thermal just after Matjiesfontein that took me to 11000 ft and the second was ABM 3 sisters up to 14950 ft. I use full power in a thermal to max advantage of updraft and to compensate for my poor soaring skills. The moment I loose the thermal I throttle back to 2220 rpm (the power setting I know can just maintain level flight) and then pitch down to achieve a decent of ±150 ft/min

The whisper is giving me endless joy and pleasure on every flight , - to fly as much as possible for as long as possible for as cheaply as possible + If you want to fly and be in the air as long as possible ---Whisper it!

Thanks Russell