Why ergonomics is important when maneuvering aircraft

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Why ergonomics is important when maneuvering aircraft

Post by AircraftCaddy » Tue Sep 01, 2009 10:30 pm

Ergonomics was developed to minimize the overexertion and cumulative trauma that often occur during manual lifting, pushing, pulling and stretching tasks, such as staging heavy aircraft in a hangar. Muscling an airplane out of a hangar and onto the runway takes a fair amount of physical effort. Particularly when such tasks must be performed repeatedly. Damage to soft muscle tissues -especially of the back and shoulders - can occur. Ergonomics makes it possible for a 24-year-old, weightlifting stud and a feisty, 55-year-old grandmother to operate the same motor-powered aircraft tow with equal ease when hangering aircraft. Ergonomics takes physical size and ability out of the aircraft moving equation. When the burden of maneuvering heavy airplanes is shifted from the operator to an aircraft tug, as it is in the ergonomic design of Lindy's aircraft tractor, inappropriate exertion is eliminated and the risk of musculoskeletal injury is significantly reduced. For more information concerning ergonomics and safety towards the hangering of your aircraft, please go to Lindbergh Aircraft Tug Blog.

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